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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Everyone has a story and looking at the different tombstones of those who walked this earth before I did is surreal. My kids especially enjoy military cemeteries. The older the better! The one pictured below is of the Chattanooga National Cemetery. If you have ever seen the movie Hacksaw Ridge, Desmond Doss is buried here. A while back we saw many people had left coins on the top of tombstones and wondered… Read More

Throughout the past few months we have been purchasing items we need for our trip and looking in different places to items on clearance or on sale: hiking backpacks and hydration bladders (so each person has water), hiking shoes (no slipping), trekking poles (cause the NARROWS, baby!), picnic blanket (their cute), sleeping bags (Yosemite canvas tent village required), new cooler (no Yeti but a good one), battery powered or solar fan (again,… Read More

Seriously this is one of the best investments for traveling. Ryan wanted one of these and Chris accidentally ordered two! They were a big hit on the 10 hour drive to Disney and are only $19.99 right now. Head over to Amazon to order by clicking on the picture! Two are better than one, jb

When your husband wants to check deer cams at 17* in the snow and ice you go because you love him.     Ice’d in, jb

A U.K. television station recently surveyed 2,000 people and found people become less adventurous as they enter their 30s. Wait, what? Less? Chris read this article and shared with me that he could not believe the findings. True we have become more adventurous in the past five years partly due to where we are in life. Our kids are older and able to participate more and when we were in the age… Read More

We just cannot decide. Chris wants an action camera but we do not want to pay the price for a GoPro although we know it is the best camera out there. Chris wants an action camera that is easy to use, you can view play back on the camera, is waterproof, has a long battery life, and 4K footage. We found a Yi 4K that suits our price but then you have… Read More

I have a lot of weird phobias including earthquakes (I’m going to Cali), super volcanoes (I’m going to Yellowstone), serial killers (Do you live near one?), mass shootings and bombings (any time I’m at the mall, movies, games, church, or anywhere there are lots of people), kidnappers/adult-nappers (did you see Split? or Criminal Minds? or anything else on television), nuclear war (that guy IS crazy), heights (like sometimes I see my life… Read More

No. 1 Expedia This is hands down my favorite place to book hotel rooms. Not only do you get┬ádouble points when you make your purchase through the mobile app but you can make sure you are getting what you pay for. Once on the way to Disney, Chris pulled up at a cheap hotel. After hearing the price of $150 he left and went to a different one and hotel hopped until… Read More

Have you heard of Plenti? Do you use it? It is a program through American Express. Don’t worry it is not a credit card. It is basically a rewards program. You earn points for every dollar you spend at participating stores. We use it to get free gasoline. Exxon/Mobil redeems Plenti points. A lot of times Exxon/Mobil gives 3x or 5x the reward points so the points rack up fast. There is… Read More

We wanted to go on a road trip when the youngest was 6. Then life…now he’s 8! We finally decided that if we were going to do a family road trip we needed to just dive in and do it! We made a list of places we have been wanting to see and since the list was pages long we narrowed it down to an “Out West” trip. Chris and I had… Read More