The Plan

We wanted to go on a road trip when the youngest was 6. Then life…now he’s 8!

We finally decided that if we were going to do a family road trip we needed to just dive in and do it! We made a list of places we have been wanting to see and since the list was pages long we narrowed it down to an “Out West” trip. Chris and I had gone on a two-week trip west in 2002. We visited San Antonio, San Diego, Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and a few more. (I plan to take a trip down memory lane and break out some old pictures soon.) We wanted the kids to see how beautiful some of the desert places are plus visit a few places Chris and I had never been. When we went west it was so weird not seeing trees everywhere, but instead seeing cacti and sand and bushes. It is beautiful here in the south but it is beautiful there, too. The beauty is just different. I remember hitting the Kansas/Arkansas/Texas area on our way back to the south in ’02 and thinking how much I missed the color green.


Home Sweet Home

Looking at our list we decided it would be awesome to visit all 50 states. In order to count a state as “visited” we must do something in that state other than just pass through. Several of the states are already marked off. We (I) decided we need to visit all 50 before Chris turned 50 then we decided we would get 2 more years if we waited until I turned 50. Hence our #50before50 hashtag.

Ultimately, we made a list of states to visit each year. Here are our trip ideas in no particular order. We reserve the right to change the makeup of each trip at any time. We love state parks and national parks so we tend to gravitate toward those. #everykidinapark

Trip A: Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Redwood Forest, California coast, Oregon, Idaho, Yellowstone, Glacier, Canadian border

star wars disney

so ready for this

Trip B: North and South Carolina, Disney for new Star Wars section, Keys, Everglades, Dry Tortugas

Trip C: Eastern historical trip (DC, Philly, & the surrounding areas) – I’ve been to D.C. and would love for the kids and Chris to visit.

Trip D: Hawaii (hopefully for our 25th anniversary but that’s also the year Haley graduates and there’s the whole flying thing)

Trip E: Northern states along the Canadian border

Trip F: Northern New England including Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Niagara Falls plus I want the kids to see the 9/11 museum

Trip G: Alaskan cruise

Trip H: Cancun cruise (so I can mark off Mexico)

Trip I: Iceland (It’s gorgeous!)

Trip: J: Ireland, Scotland (but only if I can do it without flying or can get some good flight medication)

Trip K: retire and purchase an Airstream; work at Harry Potter World as a seasonal helper or Star Wars Land

If you’ve ever been on a cruise I would love to hear your advice on ships/ports/cruise lines. If you have been to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii I’d love to hear some tips or must sees!

Happy Travels,

C + J


One Comment on “The Plan

  1. I love y’all! You will never regret doing this!! I did this growing-up.. visited all of the states except for Alaska and Hawaii.. even did Canada, Mexico, and most of Europe.. Ryan, haley, and carter will never forget these travels with y’all. My brothers and I never have forgotten ours!! ❤️You!

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