Plenti Points

Have you heard of Plenti? Do you use it? It is a program through American Express. Don’t worry it is not a credit card. It is basically a rewards program. You earn points for every dollar you spend at participating stores. We use it to get free gasoline. Exxon/Mobil redeems Plenti points. A lot of times Exxon/Mobil gives 3x or 5x the reward points so the points rack up fast. There is an app for your phone so you can keep up with points earned. Other participating Plenti partners are: Chili’s, Rite Aid, Enterprise, Winn Dixie, and a few others. In November 2017, AT&T stopped participating as a partner with Plenti. We had earned many points through AT&T. For more bad news, Expedia does not participate anymore either. But if you fill up your car with gas at any point during the week you might as well earn free a tank or two or three a year from it.

Step 1: Apply for a card online or at Exxon/Mobil.

Step 2: Get gas and swipe your Plenti card.

Step 3: Earn points and save, save, save.

Step 4: Redeem for gasoline.

The pump will ask you with each purchase if you want to apply your points toward your current gas or store purchase. We always press no until we go on a long, planned trip. By then, we have saved up a few tanks of gas.

Many travels on free gas,

C + J


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