I have a lot of weird phobias including earthquakes (I’m going to Cali), super volcanoes (I’m going to Yellowstone), serial killers (Do you live near one?), mass shootings and bombings (any time I’m at the mall, movies, games, church, or anywhere there are lots of people), kidnappers/adult-nappers (did you see Split? or Criminal Minds? or anything else on television), nuclear war (that guy IS crazy), heights (like sometimes I see my life flash before my eyes), airplanes (I had a break down on my oldest son’s shoulder the last time we flew), home break-ins (but my neighbors love me), clowns (thanks to my dad allowing me to watch the original IT), and zombie-raccoon apocalypses (no parentheses is really needed here.)

But the power to get out of bed is great each day. Sometimes you take the bad to get to the good. Because there is good. It may be hard to see or take a while to get there.

Valleys and Mountains,



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