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LV was hot. It was 115 degrees. We were there one night and everyone was glad to go. Ryan said even the wind was hot. We stayed at Cancun Resort and got there early to swim. I booked this hotel on Expedia because it had a huge pool and water slides and was family friendly. Plus the room was two bedroom, kitchen, & living room with a pull out and it was… Read More

Here’s a video of our little cabin. Well maybe not… These little cabins were so cute! Chris loved the rustic feel and the village here isn’t as chaotic as the south rim. It was a hotel room just in mini cabin form! We found a pizza place with the best cheese next to the lodge and they had some pretty good coffee the next morning. We did stick to our picnics though…. Read More

We went to the South rim in 2002 so this was our first time to the North rim. We firmly believe the North is way better to visit. Why? 1. Less people! We went on a canyon hike and only ran across a few people. At the major viewpoints you could actually get a picture without other people in the picture. 2. Views! We both thought the views were more spectacular and… Read More

Chris and his dad have a love of John Wayne movies. They have passed this love of westerns on to Carter. We were very close to Monument Valley where many westerns were filmed. It is managed by the Navajo Indian reservation. It was $20 to enter the site. There was a nice visitor’s center then you followed a very bumpy road to see the named monuments. The road was a 16 mile… Read More

We surprised Haley by taking a detour to Four Corners Monument. She had been asking, ” Where is the place where you can stand in four states at one time?” Four Corners!! The monument is located in Navajo Nation. It really is in the middle of nowhere right smack in the desert. It was hot and dusty and a big difference from Mesa Verde! There was a line to take your picture… Read More

The road was so curvy on the way up so I drove. I get carsick easily and Chris tends to take curves sharply. Hope you enjoy Haley’s video! J + H

There’s one way in to Mesa Verde: uphill to 7,000-8,500 feet in elevation. We stayed for two nights in the lodge on top of the Mesa. It was small but pretty with a great view. Ryan had to sleep in sleeping bag but he knew that would happen sometimes. (First two pictures from TripAdvisor.) It was cool up on the Mesa and the end of the Hurricane came over Colorado so we… Read More

To take a break we stopped (no red bugs here) to eat lunch. Later, we visited Aztec, New Mexico to see the remains of a 900 year old Pueblo village. It was a quick visit and just a 1/2 mike walk but greatly needed. The landscape has sure changed. The trees have virtually disappeared and mesas are all around. I miss the color green, J (I am using my phone to update… Read More

In the middle of the desert in Santa Rosa, New Mexico is an 82 foot deep blue hole. The water is a constant 62 degrees. When you pull up you pay $5 to park and there’s a small bathroom for changing. It’s small and sometimes packed but totally fun! We stayed about two hours and jumped off the cliff several times! The first jump took our breath and I had to make… Read More

If you are reading on Facebook click the WordPress link… We stopped for a break in Amarillo. Ever since I watched the movie The Great Outdoors with John Candy I have wanted to try The Big Texan Steakhouse. The restaurant has long tables and you are seated at one end and another party at the other. We arrived right at 11 am when lunch began. The menu was a little cheaper so… Read More