Four Corners

We surprised Haley by taking a detour to Four Corners Monument. She had been asking, ” Where is the place where you can stand in four states at one time?”

Four Corners!! The monument is located in Navajo Nation. It really is in the middle of nowhere right smack in the desert. It was hot and dusty and a big difference from Mesa Verde! There was a line to take your picture on the marker but it wasn’t too long. We quickly snapped our picture standing on four states at one time. Native American artisans were set up (in a market place type setting) all around to sell their artwork. We spent a lot of money there! Carter ended up with an arrow and arrowhead necklace. I bought two copper rings and Haley got a bracelet, and hair clip.

We also tried fry bread and Navajo tacos at Grandmas Fry Shack.

It was a nice detour and got us out of the car a bit. Next stop…Monument Valley!

Standing in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and & Colorado at one time,



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