North Rim Grand Canyon

We went to the South rim in 2002 so this was our first time to the North rim. We firmly believe the North is way better to visit. Why?

1. Less people! We went on a canyon hike and only ran across a few people. At the major viewpoints you could actually get a picture without other people in the picture.

2. Views! We both thought the views were more spectacular and you could see the Colorado River at several points. We learned the North rim is 1,000 feet higher which contributes to seeing more. The best view was Angel’s Window.

3. The South rim is definitely more accessible but the North rim gives a prettier drive in through the Kaibab Forest and has a secluded feeling. This may be because only 10% of visitors visit the North rim.

4. The South rim has more lodging options but the feel of the and North rim’s village was very homelike, less chaotic and more rustic. There were little chipmunks and squirrels running around and we enjoying sitting in our rocking chairs watching them. Here’s the little cabin we stayed in. I had to book it a year ago!

More about our trip:

When we went to the South rim all I wanted to do was ride a mule to the bottom. We found out the rides are booked a year in advance. The North rim is open only during summer months so the trail ride option didn’t open until January. As soon as it came open I booked us a ride along the rim and through the Kaibab forest with Canyon Rides. We couldn’t ride into the canyon because of Carter’s age. Luckily they had this option for younger kids. It was Carter and Haley’s first time riding and the trail guys were wonderful. One guy rode beside Haley until she felt comfortable. About half way through the ride she had him let go and ride herself. The mules were very surefooted and well-trained. They gave Carter a slow horse and every time I looked around at him he was kicking his side trying to make him go faster. Ryan’s horse was in front of me and farted continuously. He and I kept laughing the whole hour.

Obligatory picnic picture
Trail along an inner canyon

North rim rules,



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