Las Vegas

LV was hot. It was 115 degrees. We were there one night and everyone was glad to go. Ryan said even the wind was hot. We stayed at Cancun Resort and got there early to swim. I booked this hotel on Expedia because it had a huge pool and water slides and was family friendly.

Pic from Yelp

Plus the room was two bedroom, kitchen, & living room with a pull out and it was cheap! We played for a bit in the pool then got showered and ready for Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel.

The kids gave their approval on the hotel, Excalibur food (even picky Ryan) and the pool’s waterslides.

Excalibur Hotel where TOK is located

The tournament was an hour long and three courses (tomato soup, Cornish hen, and apple dumpling) that you eat without any utensils. The kids loved the horses, tournament games (jostling, races, etc.) and the loud bangs of cannons and fire tricks. When you buy your tickets you pick a section to sit in that determines which king you root for during the games. We yelled for the Russian king and King Arthur & Prince Christopher and booed for the bad guy. Everyone says they want to go back to a place like it.




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