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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Here’s more Blue Hole fun. If you are ever traveling on I-40 and go through Santa Rosa it is worth the stop! It’s freezing but worth a jump of the cliff (or two or five). I wish we had gotten more of the deep where the scuba divers practice and explore caves at the bottom…maybe next time. Enjoy! J

June 14, 1018 First stop: Oklahoma City National Memorial. I found a few more pictures of the OKC National Memorial. My favorite part was listening to a recording of the bombing as heard from across the street at a court hearing. I wish I had a shot of the outdoor memorial but here’s a shot from the memorial’s website: Learn about the victims here. Tickets: $15/$12 and free for 5 and under… Read More

By the time we got to New Mexico the family had the art of packing the van down to a T. Everything had its own spot and went into the van a certain way. Things we needed on a nightly basis were on top. Food for lunch was in a specific spot. Even our suitcases were packed according to cold and hot weather outfits. Each person had a certain item(s) that was… Read More

We got back home from our trip on July 15 and Chris and I both went back to work on July 16. We had hardly any Internet service while we were gone so it was hard to keep up with posting. It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip that I hope to take again in 2020. I have been super busy with a new job that I love but it leaves me little… Read More