Life on the Road

By the time we got to New Mexico the family had the art of packing the van down to a T. Everything had its own spot and went into the van a certain way. Things we needed on a nightly basis were on top. Food for lunch was in a specific spot. Even our suitcases were packed according to cold and hot weather outfits. Each person had a certain item(s) that was their responsibility. Haley was always in charge of pillows and charging cords, Ryan knew to get a big suitcase and toiletry bag of meds and bathroom supplies. Chris got the journal and our other big suitcase. Carter got his suitcase, and I grabbed whatever was left. Sometimes that was food or drinks or electronics, and sometimes I was checking the family in to a hotel while the others unpacked. 

The kids watched a lot of videos.

We listened to books 1-6 of Harry Potter. 

In 4 weeks, we ate over 10 loaves of bread, 3 squeezable grape jellies, 2 giant jars of peanut butter, and several bags of the variety chips.

The car was cranked for 170 hours.

7,800 miles were driven.

We drove through 17 states.

We saw license plates for every state except Hawaii.

We were gone for 31 days.

Happy reading,



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