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After leaving Marble Canyon and the Navajo Bridge we started going up the Kaibab Plateau which has an elevation of over 9,000 feet. We got gas at a station near Jacob’s Lake and began heading south on Highway 67 (which is closed from November – March, or so) through the Kaibab Forest. It’s a 45 minute drive from Jacob’s Lake to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Next up – more… Read More

After leaving Monument Valley we stayed in Page, Arizona for a night (one of the prettiest towns we saw) before traveling the rest of the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We stopped high above Lake Powell and saw Marble Canyon and part of Glenn Canyon. Apparently we drove right past Horseshoe Bend and didn’t realize it until later on. We did not have time to stop at Antelope… Read More

This is the view from our balcony: A few of the deer outside our balcony as seen from the park bench. During the day this section was covered with visitors taking pictures, reading, playing games, and having picnics. View from our room  All lodge food is expensive but this restaurant (Red Rock Grill) was one of our favorites. We had so much food! Chris got a bison burger and I got Navajo… Read More

We knew it was going to be pretty but the ride in made the excitement even greater. Even the red road was pretty. Zion NP has been everyone’s favorite place so far. We got there after lunch and hiked The Narrows. It was busy! But we expected it to be. In fact there’s an article on how the park may limit the number of visitors. We stayed at the Zion Lodge. It… Read More

Read part 1 here. J

Big Texan Steakhouse Cadillac Ranch More pictures and info from a previous post HERE. Chris recently stopped shaving his head and if you know him personally you know his hair doesn’t move or get wet. To me the best part of the video is when the killer Amarillo wind actually MOVED his hair. J

Here’s the video for the earlier post about the Balcony House tour at Mesa Verde. I’m deathly afraid of heights so my family did not think I would go through with it. The scariest part to me was climbing the open face cliff wall. The kids were laughing because I took one step at a time on the ladders. I never looked down. I highly recommend the Balcony Tour. Five stars, J

It was a really small room but it served its purpose. We wanted to stay inside the park and not have to drive up and down the mesa while there. This is the only hotel inside the park. Ryan slept on a sleeping bag in the floor. We had a nice balcony, cool 68 degree weather, and all the PBJ you could eat. Like I said the room was small with only… Read More

I know this hurts your head to watch. He’s so proud of it. Beginning: Carter looks for a crawfish in a creek run-off at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Middle: Carter finds a crawfish and runs to tell the fam. End: (spoiler) Carter shows us the crawfish as the camera goes underwater and sits on the sand upside-down. He says he can see the crawfish. The rest of us… Read More