Navajo Bridge

After leaving Monument Valley we stayed in Page, Arizona for a night (one of the prettiest towns we saw) before traveling the rest of the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We stopped high above Lake Powell and saw Marble Canyon and part of Glenn Canyon. Apparently we drove right past Horseshoe Bend and didn’t realize it until later on. We did not have time to stop at Antelope Canyon but want to go back and spend a few days in Page. Chris wants to rent a houseboat!

One of our favorite stops along the way was the Navajo Bridge. This bridge crosses the Colorado River from 467 feet above. We visited the visitor’s center and walked across to the Navajo Nation side to check out the Native American vendors. I wasn’t going to walk across it at first but as my family jovially crosses I had to try (although I walked right down the middle and had a slight panic attack). Most of these pics were not taken by me because I did not get close to the edge. There’s one picture that LOOKS like I’m on the edge next to the railing. I promise you I’m not.

The new bridge (for vehicles) opened in May of 1995. The old bridge (only 18 feet wide) became for pedestrians only.

So pretty,



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