Cliff Springs Trail

Cliff Springs Trail is a 1 mile hike. The park guide said it would take 1 hour approximately for the round-trip hike. It started off meandering down a forested ravine and supposedly ended where a chest-high boulder rests under a large overhang (see above). But when we arrived at this boulder the trail kept going behind where I am standing. Since we had not been hiking that long we continued on. We realized the trail wasn’t maintained after another .5 mile but kept going. There were times when I just knew someone was going to slide off the edge and you couldn’t even see the bottom. We finally got to a point where you couldn’t go anymore…but Chris did. (see pic below)

Carter looking through the hole Chris had found. I wouldn’t walk out there.

The spring is on the cliff side of the boulder. The “spring” wasn’t even a trickle running down the canyon wall when we saw it. It was more like a wet spot on the wall with a muddy mess below. We saw lots of deer tracks, Kaibab squirrels, and birds around the “spring” so it must be useful just not what we were expecting.

The trail itself was short but the exploring we did past the trail was fun.



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