Mariposa Grove

We arrived early at the southern part of Yosemite (Wawona area) in order to get a parking spot (we heard the lots filled up early.) We parked in an almost full lot then hopped on a shuttle that took us to Mariposa Grove of Gian Sequoias. No personal cars are allowed down this road anymore. We spent a day hiking the Guardians Loop which was about 6-7 miles round-trip. We saw many of the popular trees like the Clothespin Tree, Grizzly Giant, and Faithful Couple. We also got to see the famous Tunnel Tree which fell over so it’s now known as the Fallen Tunnel Tree. It was estimated to be 2,300 years old! I kept hearing pictures do not do the tree justice and it is so true!

The Mariposa Grove recently underwent a huge restoration. (There’s a video if you scroll near the bottom.) The paved roads through the grove were dug up to try and save root systems. We were glad it had opened back up by the time we got there (it opened June 15 and we were there the week after) because this hike was high up on our list to do.

We enjoyed this hike much better than hiking in the valley. The shortest loop nearest the front was crowded but as we hiked deeper into the forest there were fewer and fewer people.

We visited the Pioneer Visitor’s Center so I could stamp my National Park Passport and off we went to enjoy our last night in our Homeaway house.

Big trees and California,


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