The one where we went to Coral Pink Sand Dunes UTAH

Utah is such a pretty state. Every time we drive through Page to Zion I cannot stop watching the scenery.

High above Page

Our checkin at Zion Lodge wasn’t until later in the day so we decided to stop by the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. We did not know they weren’t renting sand sleds so we did not get to participate in sledding. Instead we walked to the top of the tallest sand dune. The wind gusts were at 40 mph and it was below freezing. Needless to say we walked up and walked down. Well, I walked. The other four chose to run, roll, and fall down the dune. Several people had rented dune buggies. By this time our fingers and toes were frozen and it had begun to snow. Ryan had involuntarily rolled down the dune and Carter had face planted into the sand. Haley was covered head to toe in sand.

It was a neat stop entering Zion from the east and killed some time until we could check in.


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