Chris (Diddy) and Janet (Mama): We met in 1995, married in 1998, and it is almost twenty years later. We have been on some incredible adventures together with the most incredible of the adventures being parenthood. Diddy (not Daddy) works for the phone company. I am a teacher. When he is not at work you can find him fishing, hunting, building tables, or listening to books on tape. I like to read, be lazy, watch movies, raise chickens, and I love my job. Chris and I lead the college & career class at our church. We have been several places with the students volunteering. They are like our second family. We have had students come and go due to growing up, moving off, getting married, and having kids, but they will always be our “Big Kids.” Now time to meet our personal kids.

The teenager: Our first born, Ryan, is pretty funny. And cute. And smart. He knows everything. That is why his phone gets taken away a lot. He toots the saxophone, watches funny videos on YouTube, and plays lots of video games. He loves to help out with little kids and go volunteering with us on mission trips.

The girl: Fourteen months after Ryan came the girl. Haley is the sweet one. She is calm and easy-going. She loves to fish, hike, and swim. She just finished her first year running cross country.  She loves to serve on mission trips and loves animals. She is a hard worker, and loves to listen to music.

The little one: After a long, long wait for another kid, along came Carter. He is very energetic and loves sports. He loves to fish, make his own trails through the woods, and climb trees. You will find him outside most days getting in to something.

That’s us. All five Barefeet.

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