Five Barefeet


I know this hurts your head to watch. He’s so proud of it. Beginning: Carter looks for a crawfish in a creek run-off at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Middle: Carter finds a crawfish and runs to tell the fam. End: (spoiler) Carter shows us the crawfish as the camera goes underwater and sits on the sand upside-down. He says he can see the crawfish. The rest of us… Read More

Here’s more Blue Hole fun. If you are ever traveling on I-40 and go through Santa Rosa it is worth the stop! It’s freezing but worth a jump of the cliff (or two or five). I wish we had gotten more of the deep where the scuba divers practice and explore caves at the bottom…maybe next time. Enjoy! J

Carter got really cold at the Blue Hole. He found a spot where the water overflows into a small creek filled with crawfish. You can’t hear him but he talks to the camera as he looks for creatures. Beginning: the search begins… Middle: a crawfish is found and must be reported to dad… End: He shows the fam exactly where he spotted the crawdad and sets the camera into the water to… Read More